Members of the Scottish Children's Services Coalition

Our members are committed to delivering high-quality care, support and education to vulnerable children and young people, as well as their families.
Our members deliver specialist care and education services to children and young people with additional support needs, such as social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, learning difficulties, learning disabilities and mental health problems.

They also provide independent advocacy, advice and support to care experienced children and young people.

Members provide tailored care and support to children and young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and social circumstances, helping them to achieve their full potential.

The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition

Members are:

The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition

Falkland House School

Falkland House School is an independent school based in Fife that specialises in the education and care of boys who require additional support for learning. It was one of the first independent schools in Scotland to be awarded Autism Accreditation by the National Autistic Society and offers day, 39-week and 52-week placements.

Falkland House School specialises in providing integrated education and care to boys on the autistic spectrum, with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome, as well as a number of other conditions.

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LOVE learning Hi-res

LOVE Learning

LOVE Learning is an education and social care charity that uses innovative ways to engage vulnerable individuals in learning. This includes programmes that support children and young people through intensive early years programmes, as well as supporting them in the classroom and outside the education system. Its mission is to improve their education and life chances through raising their attainment and it has a specific focus on those with additional support needs.

As a registered Scottish Qualifications Authority education provider LOVE Learning also offers educational awards and employability skills to children and young people.

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The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition

Spark of Genius

Spark of Genius is an independent organisation offering residential care, education, autism services, post-16 employability programmes and adult services.

Its activities include operating several small residential homes, which run 365 days a year, for children and young people. It also offers education placements in schools, where individuals are offered a breadth of curriculum including both academic and vocational qualifications.

Operating throughout the UK, Spark of Genius enables children, young people and adults who need a variety of support to achieve their potential.

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The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition

Young Foundations

Young Foundations is an independent organisation specialising in the care of children and young people with a range of complex needs.

The aim of its Scottish service is to care, support, develop and empower young people with complex difficulties to realise their potential in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. This is achieved through a holistic model of care which is based on compassion, skill and evidence based positive interventions.

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