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Through our work with the SCSC we have been able to raise awareness of and fight for better opportunities for those with additional support needs (ASN). Thanks to ongoing campaigns, such as on youth employment, we have seen real tangible results, like the announcement of specific funding for those with ASN to gain access to training and employment programmes.
The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition

Kenny Graham

- Director of Falkland House School
As an organisation we were delighted by the support that fellow SCSC members offered during the campaign for greater support for care leavers. This not only led to the Scottish Government committing to providing support for care leavers until they reached the age of 26, but now all teenagers in residential, foster or kinship care who turn 16 will be entitled to remain in their care setting until they reach the age of 21.
The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition

Duncan Dunlop

- Chief Executive of Who Cares? Scotland
Spark of Genius is proud to be a member of the SCSC and help break down the barriers faced by those with additional support needs. We believe that better delivery of services will lead to better outcomes, and the achievements of SCSC campaigns to date helps to reinforce this.
The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition

Tom McGhee

- Chairman of Spark of Genius