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Marking Scottish Apprenticeship Week

This week marks Scottish Apprenticeship Week, a fantastic opportunity to draw attention to and recognise the important role Modern Apprentices play in the businesses and other organisations in which they work.

The campaign theme is ‘Talent Without Limits’, celebrating the opportunities Modern Apprenticeships offer everyone no matter their background and for every business no matter its size or sector.

The rewards of getting young people who are disabled or care experienced into work are well worth it. They bring passion, skills, dedication and drive to the workplace.

Recruiting a Modern Apprentice enables employers to fill the skills gaps that exist within their current workforce, as apprentices begin to learn sector specific skills from day one, developing specialist knowledge that will positively affect the bottom line.

However, as always, we can do more and the support of businesses and other employers is key as it is they who clearly make the vital difference.

As we mark Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we would urge Scotland’s employers to look beyond the label and take on a Modern Apprentice who may have an additional need, taking advantage of the excellent skills offered by many of these young people


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The SCSC is an alliance of leading providers of education, care and support to vulnerable children, young people and their families.