Greater support needed to keep 'The Promise'

Published on July 19, 2022

Letter to the media:

It is pleasing to see the Scottish Government provide funding through the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund, helping to transform family support services and reduce the number of children and young people going into care.

This vital investment will help build services that focus on prevention and early intervention, rather than addressing crisis situations that so often arise, ensuring that families get the support they need, where and when they need it

The funding forms part of keeping 'The Promise', which seeks to improve the lives of children and young people who are care experienced. This group of individuals represents some of the most vulnerable members of our society, experiencing considerably fewer life chances than their peers, but part of a care system that is far too complex and fragmented.

We sadly still hear of too many young people who fall off a cliff edge as they leave care, driven by age criteria and not receiving the appropriate individualised care they so desperately need.

As a society we need to ensure that momentum is maintained and funding increased, with the Scottish Government, local government, care community and others working together to bring forward change for those who are care experienced as quickly as possible.

The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition:

Kenny Graham, Falkland House School

Lynn Bell, LOVE Learning

Stephen McGhee, Spark of Genius

Niall Kelly, Young Foundations

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