SCSC and Royal College of Psychiatrists letter to Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing (9th July 2014)
Letter to Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing outlining our shared concerns of the shortage of psychiatrists in Scotland, urging the Scottish Government to take urgent action in order to get a grip on this critical situation.

SCSC Spring Newsletter (May 2014)
SCSC spring newsletter - with features on further research into the rise of those with ASN, continued work to protect ASL funding and the build up to Scottish Apprenticeship Week.

Briefing on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill seeking support for care leavers (18th February 2014)
Briefing to MSPs in advance of the Scottish Parliament debate on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill  looking for them to approve Part 8 which provides greater support to care leavers. 

SCSC Winter newsletter (February 2014)
SCSC winter newsletter - with features on the campaign against council cuts for those with ASN and the petition to the Scottish Parliament on this matter; success for care leavers in the Children and Young People Bill, and concerns over a shortage in the number of educational psychologists.


SCSC renews its call to the Scottish Government for urgent action to ensure that NHS Health Boards achieve waiting time targets for children and adolescent services (26th August 2014)
The call comes as alarming new figures from the Information Services Division of National Services Scotland, part of NHS Scotland, indicate that the vast majority number of Health Boards are currently failing to meet a 26-week waiting time target for treatment from specialist child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) and are at risk of missing a Scottish Government target of an 18-week waiting time, which come into force in December 2014.  

SCSC letter in the media in response to Princes Trust and HSBC poll (6th August 2014)
SCSC responds to Princes Trust and HSBC poll which found that almost three-quarters (73%) of the businesses polled fear that the UK will be faced with a skills crisis in the next three years and highlights the merits of employing those with ASN.

SCSC warns of "ticking timebomb" created by lack of uptake in psychiatrist posts (7th July 2014)
SCSC raises concerns over statistics revealing a of lack of uptake in psychiatrist posts and impact this will have on those vulnerable children and young people requiring these services, including increased waiting times.

SCSC responds to Scottish Government statement on Sir Ian Wood’s workforce blueprint (24th June 2014)
SCSC responds to Scottih Government initial response to the Wood Commission report highlighting support to be provided on getting those with ASN into employment andtraining.

SCSC welcomes Wood Commission report in The Scotsman (5th June 2014)
SCSC comments on the recommendations of the Wood Commission report in The Scotsman as they relate to getting young people with disabilities and care leavers into employment and training. It also calls on the Scottish Government to put these recommendations into action.

Sophie Dow from the SCSC raises concerns over a fall in the number of educational psychologists (4th June 2014) 
Sophie Dow from Mindroom, commenting on behalf of the SCSC, highlights concerns over a fall in the number of trained educational psychologists, described in a report as being "dangerously low". 

SCSC agenda item in The Herald to mark Scottish Apprenticeship Week (19th May 2014)
Tom McGhee, director of Spark of Genius marks Scottish Apprenticeship Week by calling on employers to look beyond the label and recognise the skills and abilities brought to the workplace by those with ASN.

SCSC letter in the media in response to the rise in pupils with autism and other ASN in Scottish schools (5th May 2014)
The SCSC respond to an increased number of pupils in Scottish schools with autism and other ASN, raising concerns over the pressure this is putting on teachers in the face of declining numbers and fewer resources.


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