Briefing on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill seeking support for care leavers (18th February 2014)
Briefing to MSPs in advance of the Scottish Parliament debate on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill  looking for them to approve Part 8 which provides greater support to care leavers. 

Open letter to Aileen Campbell MSP, Minister for Children and Young People, Scottish Government (4th December 2013)
Open letter to Aileen Campbell from SCSC, Aberlour and Barnardo's Scotland calling for support to be given to those who have been in care to be given support up to the age of 26.

Letter from the SCSC and Kindred to local authority chief executives and leaders urging them to protect children's services (26th November 2013)
Letter to local authority chief executives and leaders urging children's services to be protected in budget deliberations and to make use of the current financial environment as an opportunity to explore the potential for public service reform and the delivery of services in the most effective and efficient manner.

Response to the Education and Culture Committee Consultation on the Children and Young People Bill (26th July 2013)
The SCSC gives its response to the Education and Culture Committee consultation on the Scottish Government's Children and Young People Bill.

Response to the Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce Consultation (19th April 2013)
Chaired by Sir Ian Wood, the Commission is independent of Government and has been tasked with bringing forward a range of recommendations designed to improve young people’s transition into employment.

Briefing on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill (17th April 2013)
A Bill to make provision about the rights of children and young people; to make provision about investigations by the Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland; to make provision for and about the provision of services and support for or in relation to children and young people; to make provision for an adoption register; to make provision about children’s hearings, detention in secure accommodation and consultation on certain proposals in relation to schools; and for connected purposes.

Letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning on the Post-16 Education (Scotland) Bill (8th April 2013)
Letter to Michael  Russell MSP from a coalition of leading charities and independent sector children’s services providers, calling for access to university to be widended to include those with complex needs and care experience.



The SCSC urges Scottish employers to look at increasing the number of those with ASN into employment (16th April 2014)
As the Scottish Government looks to increase the number of Modern Apprenticeships from 25,000 to 30,000 a year by 2020 the SCSC urges employers to look beyond the label and take on those with ASN.

Seventh anniversay of World Autism Awareness Day marked by an Agenda article by Stuart Jacob in The Herald (2nd April 2014)
Stuart Jacob, director of Falkland House School, urges people to get a greater knowledge and understanding of those with autism on World Autism Awareness Day.

Thousands of Scotland’s children with ASN may be missing out as figures don't add up (5th March 2014)
SCSC has written to the Scottish Government as figures are released indicating major disparities across local authority areas when it comes to identifying pupils with ASN. This has raised concerns that many children may not be getting the full support they are entitled to on the back of these widely varying figures.

Letter to the media relating to the Children and Young People Bill and care leavers (18th February 2014)
Letter to the general media urging MSPs to approve Part 8 of the Children and Young People Bill as it relates to greater support being provided for care leavers.

City of Edinburgh Council reverses proposed £1.06m cuts to children with ASN (7th February 2014)
City of Edinburgh Council puts forward budgetary proposals reversing its initial intended cut of £1.06m to children with ASN and increases funding into this sector by £281,000.

Petition calls on Scottish Government to protect children’s services (28th January 2014)
As part of a major campaign to fight council cuts to children’s services across Scotland, the SCSC has launched a national petition calling on the Scottish Government to ensure Scotland’s councils protect vital children’s services when setting their future budgets.

SCSC response to Scottish Government announcement that hundreds of young people in care are to be given greater rights (6th January 2014)
Scottish Government has announced that hundreds of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people are to be given greater rights to continuing their care placement into early adulthood from next year. From April 2015, teenagers in residential, foster or kinship care who turn 16 will be entitled to remain looked after until the age of 21 under new provisions proposed for the Children and Young People Bill.

SCSC calls for ugent action by Scottish Government and councils following 89% increase in additional support needs (12th December 2013)
SCSC urges Scottish Government and councils to reverse cuts intended for those with additional support needs following the publication of school statistics and urges greater training and support for teachers dealing with those in this category.

SCSC launches campaign with Kindred to protect children's services (27th November 2013)
SCSC and Kindred launch a major campaign to urge local authorities not to cut budgets for children's services.

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